Siliconature is strongly committed to environmental policies that are in line with sustainable and technologically innovative solutions.
The company strives to raise awareness and focus on important issues such as environmental protection and occupational safety.
Adhering to these criteria, Siliconature has developed a new product brand for PET release liner, produced with rPET base film: R-SILPHAN


R-SILPHAN is the Siliconature brand name for BO-PET made with rPET from post-consumer content (PCR). 

Thanks to a fully integrated supply chain, Siliconature can extrude and siliconize a liner starting from flakes coming from PCR.  

Our three coex-layers of film is made of 30% of rPET.


This product is made with inline silicone coating, during the extrusion process.
Main features of this product are:
  • high silicone polymerization;
  • low extractables;
  • high subsequent adhesion force;
  • flat release at different peel speeds
  • extremely low backside silicone contamination 


This product is coated on our off-line coaters combining our rPET film with solvent less silicone chemistry.
Thanks to our special coating process the silicone surface is particularly smooth; the No Label Look application is also suited to this product.
Low extractables, very low backside contamination, easy and flat release also with aggressive PSA, make this product ideal for high speed label dispensing.