About us

Founded in 1987, Siliconature is an international manufacturer of silicone release liners.

Headquartered in northeast Italy, Siliconature has grown and expanded in both North America and Asia over the past three decades with sales and distribution in North America and production in China. Our newest expansion will be a production site in Grand Rapids, MI.

A world-class supplier of silicone release coatings

Through advanced technologies and high-quality materials, in our reference market, Siliconature is a well-known supplier of a wide range of release liners, from premium/easy to very tight coatings, customizable on request, on one or both sides.

Siliconature Spa produces more than 600 million square meters every year globally, exporting its products to more than 50 countries.

As world-class supplier of silicone release coatings, Siliconature also provides customized products designed and tested to meet specific and unique functional requirements. We enjoy very much to collaborate with our Clients in order to identify the most suitable material and product to provide exactly the release functionality they need.

Reliability & Certified Quality

Siliconature primary goal is to produce high-end consistent release liners.

This is achieved through the utmost attention during the production phase and post-production of all materials. Every production batch manufactured by Siliconature is checked and tested to ensure compliance with the quality standards required by our customers and the current regulations.

Siliconature is ISO 9001, 14001, 14067, 45001 and RCS 2.0:2017 (Recycled Claim Standard) certified.

High Quality Release Liner Manufacturer