Polypropylene offers both good thermal and dimensional stability. There are different types of PP with different technical characteristics, making it a product suitable for different applications: bi-oriented PP (blown) mono-oriented PP Cast PP Embossed PP.
SILPROP is available in different thicknesses and colors: red, blue, white, black, white/black.

SILPROP PP silicone coatings

Silprop is the Siliconature brand for siliconized liners in polypropilene. SILPROP is available in different types: biorientated, cast, MOPP, embosed etc. SILPROP is also available in several thicknesses (30 to 100 my) and in various colors

Solvent less UV coating

Siliconature also proposes UV solvent less silicones, both cationic and radical, that do not require thermal curing.

Solvent less Thermal coating

Due to their polymeric structure, these silicones are perfect for premium release application. Their application field are especially in bi-siliconized liners with minimal differentiation and for low cohesion adhesives

Solvent coating

Solvent silicones, catalyzed by Pt, are extremely stable over time for both premium and tight release versions. Stability over time makes these silicones perfect for applications with modified acrylic adhesives and other. Solvent technology also allows a wide range of release values, achieving also very high release values.