High mechanical strength, thermal resistance (well above 160 °C), dimensional stability, flatness and high thickness constancy are some of the most important features of PET release liners.

These features, combined with a wide range of release values specifically offered by Siliconature, make PET product line one of the most effective silicone release films in most critical PSA applications.

SILPHAN PET silicone coatings

Silphan is the Siliconature brand for siliconized release liners in BO-PET and A-PET.

SILPHAN is available in:

  • different types: bi-orientated, cast, high clarity, matte, etc;
  • several thicknesses (12 to 250 my);
  • various colors: red, blue, black, white, matt, transparent, high transparency and metallic.

In-line coating

This product is made with inline silicone coating during the extrusion process. Main features of this product are:
  • high polymerization;
  • low extractable;
  • high subsequent adhesion force;
  • stability of release.

Solvent coating

Solvent silicones, catalyzed by Pt, are extremely stable over time for both premium and tight release versions.

Stability over time makes these silicone release films perfect for applications with modified acrylic adhesives and other. Solvent technology also allows a wide range of release values, achieving also the most tight ones.

Solvent less Thermal coating

Due to their polymeric structure, these silicone release coatings are perfect for premium release application. Their application field are especially in bi-siliconized liners with minimal differentiation and for product that need a low cohesion adhesives.

Solvent less UV coating

Siliconature also offers UV solvent less silicones, both cationic and radical, that don’t require thermal curing.

SILFLU PET fluorosilicone coatings

SILFLU is the brand name of Siliconature for fluorosilicone based coatings. Where there are silicone adhesives, a standard silicone cannot perform its releasing function. In case of silicone adhesive, the best solution is our fluorosilicone.

SILFREE PET NO silicone coatings

Electronics sector requires constant development of new products and coatings. Innovation for Siliconature is a strength and commitment, and has also led us to the development of silicon-free release coatings because, as we know, use silicone for some peculiar application can become an undesirable contaminant, especially in the final process.

SPECIAL COATINGS PET - special coatings

Hard coating

Siliconature offers a wide range of release coatings which are manufactured with excellent scratch-resistant properties.

Matte coating

Siliconature can offer different matte coatings either to make writable PET film (with pencils or pens) or as well to create a rough surface in order to facilitate the processing of some self-adhesive products, particularly in the graphic industry.

Antistatic coating

Anti-static siliconized films are becoming more and more successful in the market, especially for their capability to meet specific requirements during the final application and to minimize dust contamination during manufacturing.

Siliconature can provide silicone release films with antistatic treatments on both side of the coatings depending of the application or the Client’s requests.